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Example of blog text for Elaine. With blogs you need to be crystal-clear what you intend to write about and why your customers will want to come look at it. Make a one-sentence statement that captures why you are doing it and what benefit it will be to your customers to read it. We can change the title and this post to anything you wish too.


Hi There!

The purpose of this blog is to keep our customers first-informed of products, technologies, and strategies that impact how you teach and learn. At Coast Learning Systems we are extremely customer-focused and we welcome your feedback about using our online courses and eBooks. If you are using our products in an innovative way that your students love – please share here so we can post your ideas. (Occasionally there are small “prizes” for outstanding contributors to this blog!)


Here at CLS, we love to meet or exceed your instructional needs!




From time to time I will share exciting updates about online learning and Coast Learning Systems products, so that our customers will be first-informed as technologies evolve and change how we teach and learn. I welcome your posts and suggestions here as well.


Elaine Hill,
Online Marketer Extraordinaire 

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