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  • Physical Geology
    Across the American Landscape

    This is an introductory geology course for liberal arts students. Designed to work in concert with the textbook of the same name, the course takes students on a journey to reveal the story of the North American continent as revealed through the landscape.

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  • Anatomy & Physiology:
    An Introduction

    An award-winning introductory course for non-science majors, this provides a comprehensive survey of the discipline, including fundamental principles and concepts. Students will be able to identify the structures and functions of the body systems and explain how the body maintains homeostasis.

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  • Astronomy:
    Observations & Theories

    In this course, we will explore a broad range of astronomy topics, concepts, and principles, from the motions of the visible sky to dark matter, from our own planet to the stars and galaxies.

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  • Physical Geology Lab

    This is an introductory-level laboratory course that explores the basic concepts and principles of physical geology. The course includes a Student Lab Workbook and a laboratory kit.

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  • Public Speaking:
    Preparation and Presentation
    in a Digital World

    Taking an innovative approach to teaching public speaking by encompassing live public speaking skills and public speaking in virtual venues, this course prepares students how to present themselves in both face-to-face settings and in virtual settings as varied as the ever-expanding field of digital technologies.

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Online? Face-to-Face? Hybrid? Flipped Classroom? Coast Learning System courses are designed inclusive of learning styles, integrating technology to enhance the learning experience, and adhering to sound pedagogical theories. Our content, when framed by an instructor’s own personality and preferred teaching methodologies, creates an opportunity for a direct increase in student learning outcomes and improved retention/completion rates.

Flipping your classroom? Instructors that are updating their courses by “flipping” their classroom will find the content from Coast prepares their students for the next lecture, in-class discussions, or significant teaching moment. When students are engaged and enjoying the course content, instructors are able to focus on the more challenging concepts and spend time interacting with students instead of teaching basic concepts.

Since 1973 Coast Learning Systems has been an award-winning producer of college-level course content featuring the latest media and technology. Our content is designed and produced in concert with a team of subject-matter experts, instructional designers, multimedia experts, programmers, professional videographers, and leading publishers. This collaborative effort continues to honor Coast Learning Systems with an international reputation for the creation of academic excellence.

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